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Infrastructure Solutions For Data Centre, Computer & Comms Rooms

EDP Europe offer a wide range of infrastructure solutions for Data Centres, Computer Rooms and Comms Rooms.  Infrastructure solutions start from the ground up with EDP Europe supplying the dynamic rasised floor solution from Bergvik.  When it comes to storing IT equipment,  EDP Europe offer a full range of 19" Enclosures including racks from USystems and Rittal.  Cooling high density server farms efficiently is a major concern, with this in mind we provide a number of alternative solutions including water cooled racks and cold aisle containment.  Where noise from servers can be off putting, for instance in an office environment we offer soundproof cabinets.  EDP Europe also supply cable basket trays and fibre containment pathways.

Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centres, Computer Rooms & Comms Rooms

Bergvik Flooring manufacture a dynamic raised floor solution that is completely different to a traditional pedestal raised floor system. Bergvik Iso Floor is built around a unique steel substructure that uses up to 70% fewer pedestals offering quicker deployment, better optimisation of cable management and building services and improvements in airflow management. The design of Iso Floor raised flooring also allows the accommodation of up to 25% more equipment when compared to a traditional pedestal raised floor system.

Bergvik Raised Floor

EDP Europe offers a full range of 19" Enclosures from major manufacturers such as USystems and Rittal. We offer 19" Server Cabinets, 19" Network Racks and wall boxes. We also provide specialist 19" Cabinets such as soundproof cabinets, water cooled racks and IP rated server enclosures.

19" Enclosures

EDP Europe distributes USystems UCoustic™ 19" Soundproof Enclosures. The UCoustic™ family comprises of 12U, 24U and 42U 19" Soundproof Cabinets and also includes a 19" Soundproof Wall Box.

19" Soundproof Cabinets

Water Cooled Racks or Liquid Cooled Racks are an effective way to cool high density server installations. EDP Europe offer a number of water cooled or liquid cooled rack solutions including ColdLogik™ from USystems and the Liquid Cooling Package from Rittal.

Water Cooled Racks

EDP Europe provides fibre optic solutions from Huber + Suhner, and are their distribution partner for the LiSA data centre fibre optic management solutions. LiSA (Leading Interconnect Systems Approach) represents the latest thinking on fibre optic solutions within the data centre, and comprises end-to-end fibre optic management systems that are modular and scalable while offering the highest packing density on the market.

Fibre Optic Solutions

EDP Europe distribute the Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre optic containment raceway. The Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway is designed to perfectly route and protect fibre optic network cables. The LiSA fibre raceway is easy to install and provides great flexibility with a full range of components.

Fibre Containment Raceway

EDP Europe distributes Huber+Suhner’s copper structured cabling solution. This solution comprises of CAT6 cable, RJ45 connectors, patch leads and patch panels. The Huber+Suhner copper structured cabling system delivers high performance, high density balanced copper cabling for RJ45 based 10 Gigabit connections over distances of 100m, with full compliance to ISO 11801, TIA-942A and ISO/IEC 24764.

Copper Structured Cabling

With literally millions of metres installed across Europe, steel wire welded basket tray is still the most popular way to support fibre and copper data cabling as well as electrical cabling within office building and data centre environments. EDP Europe now offer a steel cable basket tray with the added advantage of being available in any RAL colour desired!

Cable Basket Trays

With thousands of metres of cabling running to and from the data centre protecting this core infrastructure is extremely important. EDP Europe offer products that protects this structured cabling, including CableLay and Abesco fire stop cable transit barriers.

Cablelay is a protective matting solution for cables, whilst Abesco fire stop cable transits contain pre-installed intumescent foam and are easy to install.

Structured Cabling Protection