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Electronic & Monitoring Products

EDP Europe offers a range of electronic & monitoring products that aid the data centre or computer room environment.  Solutions include KVM Switches that make accessing servers easier from trusted manufacturers such as Raritan, Austin Hughes and Rose ElectronicsAustin Hughes Console Drawers provide the perfect solution for at-the-rack server access.  With PUE and the need to reduce energy consumption a major issue Intelligent Power Management Solutions from iPower, PDU eXpert, Austin Hughes and Dataprobe help manage power remotely, added to this is the Packet Power wireless power and environmental monitoring solution that can be used with standard basic PDUsEnvironmental Monitoring ensures that should environmental thresholds be exceeded alerts are automatically raised, whilst Rack Security systems prevent, track and allow secure rack access control.

Electronic & Monitoring Products

Rack security access control systems provide secure, managed, access to computer racks. Know when your racks are being accessed and who by. EDP Europe offers the leading rack security access control systems from Austin Hughes - InfraSolution and TZ - Centurion. Built around smart swipe card technology, both systems also provide environmental monitoring as well as rack security access control.

Rack Security Access Control

RFID asset tracking solutions from EDP includes the EnaSys asset management systems AssetTrak & EnaSys Express. These asset tracking solutions make the process of asset tracking & management, inventory tracking and IT audits easier and more efficient. Our asset tracking solutions utilises RFID technology which has many benefits over barcode and manual asset tracking systems, the biggest being speed and the ability to find assets that are out of sight.

RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

Intelligent Power Management plays an important role with in the data centre. The starting point is to use intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs). These have the ability to be switched or monitored remotely. Some Intelligent PDUs can be accessed via TCP/IP and provide power consumption data, this data can often be collected by a power management software package.

Intelligent Power Management

EDP Europe have our own range of Basic Power Distribution Units (PDUs) available in UK, C13, locking C13 or C19 outlet versions, with the option to customise the power distribution strips to meet individual requirements.

EDP also offer the unique IEC-Lock C13 power cables. The unique design of these cables ensures that the IEC-C13 plug remains connected to the equipment, without the risk of accidentally being unplugged.

Basic Power Distribution

EDP Europe supply power transfer switches from Surepower. A power transfer switch automatically switches power from one power feed to a secondary power feed, this transfer is done by the switch in a split second to ensure business continuity.

Power Transfer Switches

EDP Europe offers KVM Console Drawers from Austin Hughes. Austin Hughes KVM Console Drawers are available in a range of LCD sizes with the KVM Console Drawer featuring a trackball or touchpad mouse and a keyboard.

KVM Console Drawers

KVM Switches allow you to access several computers from a single keyboard, monitor or mouse. There are many types of KVM Switch on the market from basic analogue models to IP-enabled enterprise KVM switch solutions. EDP Europe distribute KVM switches from leading KVM switch manufacturers, including KVM switches from Raritan, Austin Hughes and Rose Electronics.

KVM Switches

Environmental Monitoring is fast becoming the most important issue in the data centre with temperature and humidity being the most critical conditions to monitor. Monitoring the environmental conditions within the data centre is crucial to providing a reliable and stable data centre. EDP Europe offers environmental monitoring products from Geist and Uptime Devices.

Environmental Monitoring