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Is Modular Aisle Containment The Way Forward?

Research has shown that the average computer room has 3X to 4X more cooling capacity than required for the installed IT load.  As organisations take steps to improve their airflow management many look to aisle containment as a solution.

Why Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Improves IT Rack Access Security

In today’s hi-tech world, ensuring data security is of utmost importance. Whilst firewalls and anti-virus software protect from online threats, what protects your physical IT assets stored in the rack itself?

Despite many facilities now incorporating building management systems with swipe card readers to track who is accessing particular rooms, many server racks remain unlocked or fitted with standard key locks, leaving them at risk to anyone with access to that room.

Upsite Technologies Cooling Capacity Factor Reveals Stranded Capacity and Data Centre Cost Savings

With the importance of improving the cooling and energy performance of the Data Centre, Upsite Technologies recently conducted a study and found that on average computer rooms today have a cooling capacity that is nearly four times their IT load.

How Many Floor Tiles In Your Data Centre Are Missing As A Result of Your Unsealed Cable Openings?

Data Centre Floor Tiles are responsible for maintaining the static pressure in the plenum under your Data Centre raised floor. This plenum contains your Data Centre's most valuable commodity - Cold Air!