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EDP Europe Limited was established in 1990 and has built a reputation as a leading provider and distributor of innovative products for the data centre and media library environments. In recent years EDP Europe has become a major force in improving data centre efficiency, by providing solutions to its clients that help optimise airflow, improve airflow management, eliminate hot spots & reduce by-pass airflow, contributing to measurable and reportable reductions in clients’ energy consumption and expenditure. EDP Europe also brings to market solutions that allows its clients to design and build structured, managed connectivity and power infrastructures.

Our mission is that while providing an exceptional customer experience, we aim to solve a wide range of environmental challenges faced by designers, builders and managers of data centres throughout EMEA with innovative, best of breed solutions.

EDP Europe is the only Tier 1 EMEA distributor of KoldLok®, HotLok®, and is the preferred EMEA distributor of PlenaFill®, PlenaForm® and Triad. As the exclusive distributor of Opengate Data Systems EDP Europe offers solutions that maximise data centre efficiency by providing a perfectly controlled IT environment utilising Containment Cooling®, and effective cool air delivery to top-of-rack switches via SwitchAir™ network switch cooling solutions.

EDP Europe also supply a full range of 19” Enclosures including specialist solutions such as water cooled racks, soundproof cabinets, wall boxes and IP55 rated cabinets.  Other solutions for the data centre include cold aisle / hot aisle containment, cable baskets, cable protection products including the EZ-Path fire-stop barrier. EDP Europe is also the UK stocking distributor for Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment systems.

EDP Europe is also recognised as the leading supplier of media identification labels and media storage solutions and is a distributor of Turlte Cases and the exclusive EMEA distributor of Russ Bassett .

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