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LiSA Fibre Containment Raceway

EDP Distribute The Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Containment Raceway

The Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway is a fibre optic containment system that is designed to perfectly route, isolate and protect fibre optic network cables.  The system is designed to duct fibre optic cables from the building entry to fibre distribution frames or between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic cabinets.

By routing and containing fibre optic cables separately from copper cabling, a high safety and failure-free operation for the fibre optic network is ensured.

Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway is an easily installed fibre containment solution that is robust and can be installed quickly.
The LiSA fibre containment raceway is available in a number of widths with the most popular sizes being 100mm or 160mm wide.  The fibre optic ducting is made from PC/ABS and is LSOH, ROHS, UV & heat-resistant, flame retardant (UL94/V0), and resistance against electrical shock.  The bright yellow colour (RAL1021) ensures that the ducting is highly visible.

Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Raceway

LiSA Fibre Raceway Features & Benefits

  • Secure and stress-free fibre management channel between different fibre optic distribution points.
  • Range of fibre containment components available enabling the system to be easily installed in both, raised floor or overhead applications.
  • Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre raceway system offers lateral support along the complete fibre length.
  • Reduces risk of macro-bending and micro-bending of the individual fibre optic cables.
  • Provides clearer identification of diverse fibre optic routes.
Fibre Containment Components

Fibre Raceway Components

  • Main fibre trunking ducts.
  • Horizontal four way crosses and covers.
  • Horizontal three way T-Junctions and covers.
  • Horizontal elbows available in 45° and 90° with covers.
  • Vertical up elbows in 45° and 90° with covers.
  • Vertical down elbows with covers in 45° and 90° options.
  • Top outlets with covers
  • Trumpet outlets
  • Reducers and covers.
  • Other accessories including: End caps, joiners, bolts and extension kits.
LiSA Fibre Containment Raceway