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Effective airflow management within the data centre can lead to better efficiency and allow energy savings to be made. EDP Europe distributes many best-of-breed airflow management solutions including: KoldLok raised floor grommets, HotLok and PlenaFill blanking panels, Triad raised floor grilles, PlenaForm air baffles and Opengate Containment Cooling and SwitchAir solutions.

EDP Europe's Infrastructure products can be used in data centre, computer rooms, network or office environments and include: Bergvik Raised Flooring, 19" Server Racks, Cold Aisle Containment, Water Cooled Cabinets, Soundproof Cabinets, Cable Basket Trays and Fibre Containment Raceways.

EDP offers a range of electronic & monitoring products including: KVM Switches & Console Drawers, Intelligent & Basic Power Management Solutions, Environmental Monitoring and Rack Security Swipe Cards.

EDP are renowned for our media identification labels and media tape storage solutions. On top of our own media tape storage solutions, EDP Europe also offers data tape storage solutions from Russ Bassett and Turtle media cases. Our media tape labels are the industry leading solution for tape identification and are available for LTO, DLT and other tape formats. EDP offers a vast array of tape storage racks and cabinets with open media racks, cabinets with lockable media tape drawers, high density open and enclosed data storage racks and transport cases for offsite data storage.

EDP Europe offer a wide range of peripheral products for the data centre environment including network LAN furniture, computer crash carts, server lifters and cable protection products such as EZ-Path fire stop barriers and CableLay protective matting.

Our ATM / Colorflex division specialises in filing solutions for the document management arena. Identifying and tracking file movements is time consuming, ATM / Colorflex provide a range of solutions that aids file identification and traceability including filing solutions that use the latest RFID technology. We offer a number of on-demand label printing software packages as well as records management tracking software that incorporates RFID tracking.