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19" Server Racks, Network Cabinets & Wall Boxes

EDP Europe distributes a full range of 19" Enclosures including 19" Server Racks, Network Cabinets and wall boxes.  On top of this EDP also supply specialist 19" enclosures such as co-location racks, soundproof cabinets, water cooled racks and IP rated enclosures.  We supply 19" Enclosures from a number of leading manufacturers including Usystems and Rittal.

19" Server Racks, Network Cabinets & Wall Boxes

USystems 19" Server Cabinets have an innovative design and high quality build. The USpace™ range comprises of server racks, network cabinets and wall boxes, while the UCoustic™ range of 19" soundproof cabinets are renowned for their noise reduction capabilities. Finally there is the ColdLogik™ water cooled rack solution that is a highly cost effective solution to data centre heat problems.

USystems 19" Server Cabinets

EDP Europe distribute Rittal 19" Enclosures including the TS8 19" server rack. Other Rittal solutions include the 19" TopTherm IP55 Enclosure, TE7000 19" Server & Network racks and liquid cooling solution.

Rittal 19" Server Racks

SharkRack server cabinets and Sharkrack rack mount server kits designed for the Sun platform are distributed in EMEA by EDP Europe.

SharkRack Server Cabinets & Rack Mount Kits