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Water Cooled Racks - Liquid Cooled Racks

Water Cooled Racks or Liquid Cooled Racks are an effective way to cool high density server installations. EDP Europe offer a number of solutions including ColdLogik™ from USystems and the Liquid Cooling Package from Rittal.


Water Cooled Racks - Liquid Cooled Racks
ColdLogik Water Cooled Server Rack Cooling

ColdLogik™ Water Cooled Server Rack ColdLogik™ is a water cooled server rack solution that replaces the... Read More

Rittal Liquid Cooling Package

Rittal Liquid Cooling Package Liquid Cooling Package - High Performance, Modular, Scalable and Efficient. Despite a... Read More

PSH Liquid Cooled Rack Solution

A liquid cooled rack solution that is easily retro-fittable to any 42U x 600mm wide rack. The cooling system in a D... Read More