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Blanking Panels and Rack Airflow Management

Improving rack airflow plays an important role in data centre airflow management.  By preventing hot server exhaust air from recirculating back to the front of the rack, and mixing with the cold air cooling the servers, can efficiently improve their cooling and help make energy cost savings. 

One major part of this is the use of Blanking Panels which play an important role in the airflow efficiency of the data centre.  Blanking Panels are used to seal off unused rack space and EDP Europe offers Blanking Panel solutions which includes  HotLok®, EZIBLANK® and PlenaFill®.  EDP also offers other products that prevent air from recirculating between the rails and side of racks and underneath the rack, as well as replacement floor tiles with pre-cut cable openings sealed with brush strip.

Blanking Panels and Rack Airflow Management

EZIBLANK® Blanking Panels are 6U blanking panel sheets that are scored at 1U intervals and are a part of a series of airflow management solutions from IDC Solutions, that are distributed in Europe by EDP Europe. As well as the EZIBLANK® blanking panels the other solutions include: EZIBLANK®42 a full rack height rack blanking solution, EZIBLANK® WALL a rack replacement panel and EZIFLUTE™ and underfloor airflow control panel.

EZIBLANK Blanking Panel Solutions

PlenaFill® blanking panels are supplied in packs of 10 27U sheets, that's 270U of blanking in one pack! Each PlenaFill® 27U sheet is scored at 1U intervals so the required number of U can be simply snapped off.

Blanking Panels - PlenaFill

AisleLok under rack panel is designed to seal openings below the rack on new and existing raised server racks, the AisleLok under rack panel blocks bypass airflow and maximises the cooling system's efficiency.

Under Rack Panel - AisleLok

EDP Europe offer replacement floor tiles which have openings already in them that are sealed with brush strip grommets. These replacement floor tiles provide greater flexibility and efficiency, enabling data centre managers to speed up cabinet deployments, whilst optimising cooling performance.

Replacement Floor Tiles