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Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment Cuts Operating  Costs

Cold Aisle Containment is a popular way of efficiently cooling high density server installations.  Cold Aisle Containment works by enclosing the entire cold aisle, so containing the cold air and preventing it from mixing with hot exhaust air.  By preventing the mixing of cold air and hot exhaust air (by using a cold aisle containment system) dramatic improvements can be made to a facility's cooling efficiency, due to the air being returned to the CRAC units hotter.  Increasing the temperature on CRAC units by just 1°C, provides savings in the region of 8% of the cooling power bills.   With cold aisle containment cost savings can be made of between 10% and 30% on current building cooling systems.

There are numerous cold aisle containment systems on the market, with many requiring the use of the manufacturer's own cabinets,  EDP Europe offers it's own retro-fitting cold aisle containment system and a cost effective thermal curtain aisle containment sytem that can be fitted to existing rows of cabinets, no matter what their height, width or manufacturer. Because it is a retro-fit solution it can also be used for hot aisle containment, where the hot aisle is contained and the hot exhaust air ducted into a ceiling plenum and returned directly to the CRAC units.  With advance end of aisle doors and choice of roof release systems, EDP's cold aisle containment offers a proven solution for improving data centre cooling efficiency.


Cold Aisle Containment
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