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HotLok Blanking Panels

HotLok blanking panels are 1U or 2U snap-in blanking panels from Upsite Technologies. HotLok blanking panels provide an effective seal in unused rack space that is 29% better than that of their nearest competitor. The state-of-the-art design of the HotLok blanking panels controls airflow for optimised cooling effectiveness. HotLok blanking panels are available in black, white or RAL7035 with some HotLoks also incorporating the Upsite Temperature Strip.

Another part of the HotLok range is the HotLok round rack grommet designed to seal cable entry points into 19" racks.

HotLok Blanking Panels

HotLok® blanking panels, from Upsite Technologies, are a range of 1U or 2U blanking panels that have a unique touch-tight design. The design prevents hot air leakage by eliminating the gap between adjoining blanking panels or the rack mounted equipment.

HotLok Blanking Panels

The HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit is designed to seal gaps between the rail and side of a rack enclosure. The Rack Airflow Management Kit greatly reduces bypass airflow and hot air recirculation within the rack, so increasing cooling energy efficiency.

HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit

The HotLok Round Rack Mount Grommet has been engineered to seal server rack cable openings, blocking bypass airflow and maximising cooling system performance.

HotLok Rack Mount Grommet