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Intelligent Power Management

Intelligent power management within the data centre plays an important role in energy efficiency savings.  This can be achieved by monitoring and managing power consumption.  EDP Europe offers a range of intelligent power management solutions, starting with Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs).  These have the ability to switch or monitor the power remotely. Some Intelligent PDUs can be accessed via TCP/IP and provide power consumption data, this data can often to collected by a power management software package.  EDP Europe provides power management solutions from iPower, Packet Power, Server Technology, Raritan, PDU eXpert, Austin Hughes and Dataprobe.

Intelligent Power Management

EDP iPower is a range of intelligent power distribution units that are manufactured and supported from the UK. With today's ever increasing cost of power and the need to reduce power consumption having the ability to monitor power usage is the starting point to enforce effective power management, iPower provides this and more.

EDP iPower Intelligent Power Distribution Units

Packet Power makes data centre power and environmental monitoring easy. The Packet Power power and environmental monitoring solution provides the easiest, most cost effective way to capture detailed power and temperature information for both single site and multi-facility operations.

Packet Power - Power and Environmental Monitoring

Server Technology is a leading manufacturer of cabinet power distribution units and produce the highest quality rackmount power distribution and monitoring solutions for managing power capacity, reducing downtime and improving energy efficiency within an IT equipment cabinet.

Server Technology Cabinet Distribution Units

Raritan's remote power management solution starts with the Dominion PX, a remotely accessed power strip over IP, that allows remote switching and monitoring to outlet level. Raritan PowerIQ software provides extra management and allows data from the power strips to be collated.

Raritan Remote Power Management

Austin Hughes offer a range of Intelligent Switched PDUs or Monitored Power Strips, that allows power to be monitored or switched remotely.

Austin Hughes Power Strips

PDU eXpert Remote Power Management is achieved through a range of remotely managed power bars and intelligent power distribution units.

PDU eXpert Remote Power Management

Dataprobe remote power switches include the iBoot and iBootBar. The Dataprobe iBoot provide remote power switching to a single device over IP, while the iBootBar has models available that not only allow remote power switching over IP but via telephone through the built-in DTMF modem.

Dataprobe Remote Power Switches

The iMeter power monitoring system provides the ideal solution for monitoring power and environmental conditions within the Data Centre.

iMeter Power Monitoring