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Cooling Solutions From Opengate Data Systems

Opengate Data Systems provide solutions that maximise data centre utilisation and improve operational efficiency around today's critical challenges - power and cooling for high density computing. Opengate solutions allow full data integration and automation; reducing complexity and significantly reducing equipment capital and operating costs.  Opengate systems increase performance of the CRAC/AHU, improve chiller plant performance and maximise free cooling hours.

Opengate's SwitchAir™ product provides the solution for network switch cooling.  Many top-of-rack network switches are mounted so that they draw in warm air from surrounding equipment.  SwitchAir installs without network switch downtime and provides cooling for the network switch by drawing conditioned air from the front of the rack.  There are various SwitchAir models available for cooling network switches with front, rear and side air intakes.

Opengate's Containment Cooling® system works by containing hot server exhaust air at the back of the server rack and returning it in a controlled manner to the CRAC via plenum duct.

Opengate Data Systems - Containment Cooling & Network Switch Cooling
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