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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring is fast becoming the most important issue in the data centre with temperature and humidity being the most critical conditions to monitor. Monitoring the environmental conditions within the data centre is crucial to providing a reliable and stable data centre.  By monitoring the environmental conditions within the room it allows you to be alerted of potential issues before they become critical.  The data provided by some environmental monitoring equipment can be use to make decisions on equipment placement, identifying problematic areas or where energy savings can be made.

Environmental Monitoring

Geist offers a comprehensive range of environmental monitors that monitor the environmental conditions and issue alerts when set conditions are exceeded. The range starts with a basic temperature and humidity environment monitor and extends to a full environmental monitoring system that can also monitor airflow, water and dry contacts.

Geist Environmental Monitors

As well as providing wireless power monitoring the Packet Power solution also provides wireless environmental monitoring using a mesh network. The Packet Power environmental monitor makes it easy and affordable to monitor temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure.

Packet Power Environmental Monitor

Uptime Devices environmental monitoring system is the Remote Physical Monitor or RPM for short. This fully intelligent system starts with the central RPM unit which allows intelligent sensor modules to be daisy-chained from it. The result, a sophisticated environmental monitoring system.

Uptime Devices