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KVM Switches

KVM Switches allow you to access several computers from a single keyboard, monitor or mouse. There are many types of KVM Switch on the market from basic analogue models to IP-enabled enterprise KVM switch solutions. EDP Europe distribute KVM switches from leading KVM switch manufacturers, including KVM switches from Raritan, Austin Hughes and Rose Electronics.


KVM Switches

Raritan are a leading provider of power, energy management, KVM and access solutions. Their KVM switch solutions include the Dominion range which is regarded as the leading enterprise KVM solution that provides remote KVM access. The Dominion range includes the award winning KX-II KVM switch that provides remote BIOS level remote access, securely at any time via IP.

Raritan KVM Switch

Austin Hughes KVM Switches can be used either as a stand-alone KVM Switch or be incorporated into one of Austin Hughes' KVM Console Drawers. Austin Hughes offer a full array of KVM Switches from basic PS/2 KVM Switches through to enterprise-level CAT6 matrix KVM Switches with built-in IP remote access.

Austin Hughes KVM Switches

Rose Electronics offer a range of KVM Switch solutions, including the Xtensys CATx KVM Switch which provides multiple users to multiple computer access.

Rose Electronics KVM Switches