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Technical Furniture

EDP Europe offers a range of Technical Furniture that includes open LAN racks, console desks and ESD furniture.

Technical Furniture
Netcom SL - LAN Furniture

Netcom SL, EDP's technical computer LAN furniture, is flexible enough to meet today's dynamic technology en... Read More

E-tec - ESD Workbench

The E-tec ESD techncial workbench has been engineered for active technical application environments. Available in t... Read More

SmartRac - Open LAN Racking

SmartRac, BDM's open LAN racking solution, is one of the most cost-effective and high quality manufactured LAN ... Read More

Contour - LAN Desking Furniture

Contour™ LAN Desking furniture, is the latest generation of EDP’s modular consoles designed for flat sc... Read More

Contour Advance - LAN Desking

Contour™ Advance LAN Desking features state-of-the-art dual and single surface desktops, rack-mount integrati... Read More


EDP introduces iTrac — its newest specialist console platform for control room applications. iTrac is a modul... Read More