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Flatscreen Arms Monitor Arms

Mounting flat panel monitors to desks requires the use of a monitor arm. EDP offers monitor arms from Flatscreen Arms. Flatscreen arms monitor arms are not only practical but stylish to, made from tarnish-resistant solid aluminium. Each of flatscreen monitor arms brings together hard-wearing durability with sophisticated design, with silky-smooth joints that allow monitors to be moved into endless positions with ease. All monitor arms are available in a choice of fittings, including desk or wall mountable.

Flatscreen Arms Monitor Arms
Flatscreen Arms - Viper

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Flatscreen Arms - Copperhead

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Flatscreen Arms - Sidewinder

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Flatscreen Arms - Cobra Monitor Arm

The Cobra flatscreen monitor arm is the original Flatscreen arms monitor arm, that blends superb manoeuvrability wi... Read More

Mantis iPad Stand

The Mantis iPad Stand, from Flatscreen arms, is designed to be used with the Apple iPad or iPad 2.  The Mantis... Read More