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EZ-Path Fire-Stop Barrier

EZ-Path® - The Zero-Maintenance Fire Barrier For Cable Openings

Continually changing technology and the expanding data and telecommunications needs of many industries results in constant cable additions and changes penetrating fire rated barriers. In the event of fire such openings allow the spread of fire, toxic smoke and superheated gasses to unprotected areas.

EZ-Path® Fire-Stop Barrier offers the solution

Maximum Fire & Smoke Protection

  • Maximum resistance to fire whether empty or 100% visually filled.
  • Assures fire protection with every new or retrofit cable installation.
  • Superior fire, sound and smoke leakage compared to standard sleeve and putty systems.
  • Unlike conventional sleeve and putty system, EZ-Path® remains fire and smoke compliant 100% of the time!

No Firestopping Required

  • Built-in firestopping system automatically adjusts to the number of cables installed.
  • Design assures it is firestopped at all stages of use.
  • Mechanical application eliminates the use of sealant, putty and other products that need to be removed and replaced.

Fast Acting Intumescence

  • Engineered for rapid expansion when exposed to fire or high temperatures.
  • Intumescent material responds to flames or heat by quickly sealing the pathway and preventing the passage of flames, smoke and gases.
  • Innovative built-in firestop design assures it is firestopped - even at maximum cable loading.
EZ-Path® is available in three different series. The smallest is the Series 22, then the Series 33 and finally the largest version the Series 44. Some EZ-Path® products can be used in both walls and floors, some can be ganged together and with the Series 33 the unit can be lengthened to go through thicker walls.

EZ-Path Fire-Stop Barrier