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Russ Bassett ProMedia Shelving

Media Storage Shelving

ProMedia Shelving is a collection of adjustable and dedicated shelving for all types of audio-video and data media. These shelving sections come in three heights and two depths and can be configured as stand alone shelving, as a staging rack on the side of a Gemtrac or as part of a Slidetrac system. All adjustable shelves are compatible with similar Gemtrac units. The ProMedia Shelving collection offers a great solution where quick open access is required. The stand alone version offers an economical solution for small to medium size collections. Their shallow footprint fits well in narrow hallways or corridors.

ProMedia Shelving Features:

  • ½" (13mm) Vertical shelf adjustment - With no tools
  • 3 Case heights - 60" (1524mm), 81" (2057mm) & 90" (2286mm)
  • 1 Case width - 38" (965mm) (Shelves match Gemtrac)
  • 2 Case depths - 5½" (140mm) & 7" (178mm)
  • Heavy gauge welded construction
  • Powder coat finish - Durability with no off gassing
  • Leveling Glides - Standard
  • Optional locking doors - Security & protection
  • Optional stabilising feet - Increases effictive footprint

ProMedia Shelving Shelf Features:

  • 3 Styles to choose from - Standard, recessed and flat
  • Shelves interchangeable with Gemtrac - Standisation
  • Built in tracks - Accommodate accessories and beam strength
  • Built-in "Finger Room" - Allows more shleves per case
  • Adjustable backstop - Position media to the front of the shelf
  • Optional media racks - snap on shelf for discrete slot filing
Russ Bassett ProMedia Shelving