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USpace 19" Co-location Server Rack

USpace™ 19" Co-location Server Rack

The USpace™ 19" Co-location Server Rack, from USystems, allows servers to be co-located into the same rack. The server co-location rack allows for full separation for each client's equipment, with each compartment being totally secured. Individual ducted cabling channels, is just the starting point for the USpace™ 6210 Co-location Server Rack. The unique high airflow AirTech™ doors are fitted with key-override locks for extra security as standard to each compartment, whilst other lock options are also available. Each compartment can also be fitted with its own fan system fitted to the rear door. For additional security side panels are internally pinned, which means removal can only be made by a key holder via opening the front and rear doors. The unique design of the USpace™ 6210 co-location rack frame means that side panels can be removed even when the racks are bayed together.

Inside 19 inch colocation server rack

USpace™ 6210 Co-location Server Rack Features:

  • Standard size of 48U x 600mm wide x 1000mm deep
  • Two or four compartment options
  • Multi server practice
  • AirTech™ doors
  • Dedicated secure cable management
  • 1000kg weight loading
  • Top & bottom cable entry
  • Varying levels of security
  • Floor space maximisation
  • Full range of accessories

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USpace 19" Co-location Server Rack