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EDP Media Tape Storage

Media Tape Storage From EDP - EDP Europe offers a wide range of Media Tape Storage and Multimedia Data Tape Storage solutions.  We provide data tape storage solutions for all the popular types of media cartridges including 3590, DLT, LTO and more.  From simple racks to high density media storage solutions.


EDP Media Tape Storage
Maximiser Media Tape Storage Racks

EDP's original media tape storage rack - the Maximiser, allows easy storage of media tapes in a small footprint... Read More

Quad Rac Data Tape Storage Racks

For greater data tape storage  in minimal space, EDP offers Quad Rac. The Quad Rac is a double density data ta... Read More

EDP Media Tape Storage Pacs

3590 Tape Storage - DLT / LTO Tape Storage - 4mm / 8mm Tape Storage - CD-ROM Storage The transition from 3480/3490 ... Read More

EDP Multi Media Tape Storage Racks

EDP’s modular multi media tape storage rack system is designed to provide durable and efficient storage for D... Read More

EDP Multimedia Storage Pacs

The EDP Multimedia Storage Pacs can be used in standard EDP Multimedia Racking or in the EDP Multimedia Extreme sto... Read More

Multimedia Extreme High Density Media Storage

The Multimedia Extreme media storage system provides high density multimedia storage in the minimum foot print. The... Read More

EDP Extreme Media Storage

The Extreme Density media storage system from EDP offers one of the highest storage capacities, of 3480/3590 type t... Read More

EDP Media Transport Cases

EDP offer a range of ABS plastic and metal Media Transport Cases. These allow easy and secure transportation of med... Read More

EDP Mobile Media Storage

EDP offer two Mobile Media Storage Racks for our Auto Pac style media storage packs. ... Read More