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Russ Bassett Media Storage

Russ Bassett offers a range of enclosed media storage solutions that provide maximum protection to the stored media tapes, from simple drawer media cabinets to the high density Gemtrac system. On top of providing media storage solutions for media tapes used in the data centre environment, Russ Bassett media storage solutions are also available for tapes that are used in AV broadcast industry.

Russ Bassett Media Storage
Russ Bassett ProMedia Cabinets

Media Storage Cabinets Russ Bassett ProMedia Cabinets are a range of six different sized cabinets with five differe... Read More

Russ Bassett Overfile for ProMedia Cabinets

Media Storage Cabinet The seven drawer Overfile, from Russ Bassett, connects onto the 48" (1219mm) wide short ... Read More

Slimcase Media Storage Cabinet

Slimcase Multi-purpose, Universal Media Storage Cabinet Slimcase™, by Russ Bassett, is a multi-purpose and un... Read More

Russ Bassett Gemtrac High Density Media Storage

Gemtrac is a high density media storage system from Russ Bassett. It has an enclosed design that provides greater p... Read More

Russ Bassett Media Transfer Cases

Media Transfer Cases for 3480 / 3490 / DLT / LTO Russ Bassett Transfer Cases are designed to carry the most popular... Read More

Russ Bassett ProMedia Shelving

Media Storage Shelving ProMedia Shelving is a collection of adjustable and dedicated shelving for all types of audi... Read More

Russ Bassett Slidetrac - High Density Media Storage

Slidetrac, Russ Bassett's high density media storage solution, is a base system that exclusively uses ProMedia ... Read More