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Geist Environmental Monitors

Geist offers a comprehensive range of environmental monitors that monitor the environmental conditions and issue alerts when set conditions are exceeded. The range starts with a basic temperature and humidity environment monitor and extends to a full environmental monitoring system that can also monitor airflow, water and dry contacts.


Geist Environmental Monitors
Geist Micro Environmental Monitor (GBB15)

Part Number: 47-GBB15-UN Environmental Monitoring has become an important issue within the data centre with te... Read More

Rack Mount Environmental Monitor (GBB100)

Environmental Monitoring in a Compact 1U Rack Mount Unit Part Number: 47-GBB100-UN Monitoring the environmental con... Read More

Monitoring Aggregator (RSMINI163)

Geist Monitoring Aggregator (RSMINI163) - Ideal Airflow Monitor Monitoring the airflow in the data centre is easy w... Read More

Environmental Monitoring Plus (RSE-8) System

Environmental Monitoring System from Geist the Environmental Monitoring Plus (RSE-8) The Geist Environmental Monito... Read More

Data Centre Environmental Monitoring with RSE2X16

Geist RSE2X16 Environmental Monitor with Display - The ideal solution for Data Centre Environmental Monitoring Comp... Read More

Environmental Monitoring with Relays (RSO)

Geist Environmental Monitor with Relays (RSO)  - The solution for Server Room Environmental Monitoring Monitor... Read More

Power Monitoring Plus (RSM)

Geist Power Monitoring Plus (RSM) The Power Monitoring Plus, from Geist, combines complete power monitoring with st... Read More