EDP Europe supplies air barriers for use in Data Centres & IT Server Rooms, that help improve airflow management.

Having an airflow management policy that follows the 4Rs of Airflow Management can enable the energy cost savings to be made at room level.  Whilst cut-outs in the raised floor can be sealed with KoldLok grommets, RackSEAL Floor or the tile replaced with a replacement brush tile; and unused rack space sealed with blanking panels, other areas still remain that should be sealed with air barriers.

There are still other areas within a data centre or IT server room where gaps allow cold air for cooling IT equipment and hot exhaust air can mix. Preventing, or reducing, this mixing of airflow patterns can help improve airflow management efficiency and lead to energy cost savings.  EDP Europe supplies products that help seal gaps within racks between rack sides and mounting rails, under racks that are on castors or levelling feet and where gaps exist in cabinet rows when a rack is moved.  As well as this, products such as PlenaForm help with the delivery of cold air by directing it to areas where it is required and blocking it from areas where it is not.

Air Barrier Products for Data Centres


Guide to Airflow Management for Data Centres