Airflow Tiles play a vital role in the delivery of cold air from Data Centre raised floors to cool IT equipment.

EDP Europe offers airflow tiles that provide more effective air delivery than standard floor grilles, as well as airflow tiles that manage the airflow around cable entries and reduce air leakage without the need for floor grommets.

Standard floor grilles suffer from poor stratification, short cycling and even negative airflow, where the speed of the air moving under the grilles pulls air from above the raised floor back into the plenum.  EDP Europe supplies the Triad Airflow Tile, its unique design disrupts the airflow within the plenum which enables better air dissipation and stratification enabling better air deliver with fewer floor grilles.

Where cable openings are cut in solid floor tiles it is important to then seal these openings with KoldLok floor grommets or RackSEAL Floor foam sheets to prevent cold air leakage which can affect airflow management performance. Alternatively the solid floor tile can be simply replaced with a brush replacement tile where purpose designed openings for cables are pre-installed with brush strip to reduce air leakage around the cables pulled through.

Airflow Tile Products For Data Centre Raised Floors


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