EDP Europe specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of Data Centre Aisle Containment Systems. From inception through to design and final commissioning at site, EDP Europe supports you through the full build cycle in both new build and retrofit environments.

EDP Aisle Containment Systems

Installing an Aisle Containment System is a proven method by which to improve airflow management in Data Centres.

Aisle Containment Systems help reduce the risk of hot and cold airstreams from mixing, as well as reducing bypass airflow and air re-circulation. In doing so they assist with cooling optimisation, which can lead to energy efficiency improvements being made at the CRAC level.

EDP Europe provides bespoke aisle containment that is custom-designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our in-house team will provide drawings in 2D and 3D models to help you visualise the solution. Using augmented reality (AR) we allow you to ‘walk through’ your containment system, to identify any potential changes in the design before anything is manufactured or supplied.

There are two main formats for Aisle Containment Systems: Cold Aisle Containment where the cold aisle is enclosed or Hot Aisle Containment where the hot aisle is contained.

Data Centre Aisle Containment
Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment is designed to enclose the cold aisle within Data Centres and contains the conditioned air used to cool the IT equipment. Cold Aisle Containment can be used with CRAC units or with In Row Cooling.

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment is where the hot aisle is contained and the hot exhaust air exiting the IT equipment is directed back into the ceiling plenum for the air to be returned to the CRAC units to be re-cooled.

Curtain Aisle Containment

Curtain Containment is a cost-effective aisle containment solution that utilises strips of PVC to form barriers above or between racks and at the end of aisle rows.

Suspended Aisle Containment

Suspended Aisle Containment

Suspended Aisle Containment is becoming a popular form of Aisle Containment, particularly within Hyperscale Data Centre environments.

Rather than the containment being attached to the racks already in place, the containment is suspended from the structural ceiling. This form of containment allows pods to be created in advance of any racks being deployed and provides the modularity required for a Data Centre to scale on demand. Where partially populated pods are created removable modular rack infill panels are used to create a temporary barrier in the row. These can then be removed when racks are ready to be deployed.

Modular Aisle Containment

Outside of its custom engineered aisle containment solutions, EDP Europe is a stocking distributor of Upsite Technologies AisleLok Modular Containment system than can be self-installed in minutes, straight out-of-the-box, delivering similar results to more permanent aisle containment solutions. It’s flexibility and ease of installation makes it the ideal solution for use in areas that are constantly changing or where the number and use of racks does not warranty a permanent aisle containment system.

AisleLok Modular Aisle Containment
Interactive Aisle Containment Image
Infill PanelsEnd of Aisle DoorsLED LightingRoof Panels

Infill Panels

Where racks are missing, or obstacles such as building support columns prevent the placement of a rack EDP Europe can produce infill panels to fill the gap. These can also be used where smaller height racks are used within the same row.

Infill Panels can be complete steel panels or framed and inset with Perspex or Polycarbonate.

In incomplete rows the panels can be removed and replaced with racks as the need arises.

End of Aisle Doors

Our Aisle Containment systems can be fitted with single or double, sliding or swing doors to suit your requirement.

Sliding Doors are designed to keep the aisle clear avoiding any trip hazards and making it easier to manoeuvre equipment into the aisle.

Security can be enhanced with the addition of RFID or Keypad locking.

LED Lighting

EDP Europe can install energy efficient LED lighting within the aisle to aid operators working in the aisle.

To improve energy efficiency a motion sensor can be added so that the lights only come on when the aisle is accessed.

Roof Panels

EDP Europe's Aisle Containment systems use a range of roof panels including fixed, drop-away, electronic or FM Global approved roof panels that are designed to accommodate the facility's fire suppression system.

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