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Reduce Server Noise With The Latest Soundproof Cabinets

By |2021-09-22T09:47:50+01:00September 22nd, 2021|Airflow & Cooling, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure, Power & Environmental, Security|

Reduce Server Noise in Offices with EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinets Looking to reduce server noise in environments such as offices? Then the latest EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinets provide the ideal solution. As digital transformation continues to gather pace with more and more content and services needing to be delivered closer to the consumer the move [...]

Advanced Fibre Cross Connect Systems Improve Fibre Network Management

By |2021-09-17T13:08:39+01:00September 17th, 2021|Cabling Infrastructure, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure|

How Advanced Fibre Cross Connect Systems Help Improve & Future-Proof Fibre Network Management Advanced fibre cross connect systems from HUBER+SUHNER not only improve day-to-day management of fibre network cables and connections, but also help future-proof network infrastructure for future growth. With their modular design, built-in cable management they can easily scale as your Data Centre [...]

Breakout Fibre Cables More Fibre Less Bulk

By |2021-09-10T13:02:55+01:00September 10th, 2021|Cabling Infrastructure, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure, Product Updates|

How Using Breakout Fibre Cables Improves Fibre Connectivity What is a Breakout Fibre Cable? A fibre optic breakout cable is a fibre cable that has an outer jacket which covers a number of inner tubes containing multiple fibres (usually 12 or 24) each in their own jacket. Each tube of fibres is reinforced with Aramide [...]

HUBER+SUHNER Fibre Optic Cable Cut to The Length You Need It

By |2021-08-27T17:08:12+01:00August 27th, 2021|Cabling Infrastructure, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure, Product Updates|

Introducing the fibre optic cable cutting service from EDP Europe Fibre optic cable is being utilised more and more in Data Centres and Enterprise IT Environments thanks to its ability to transmit more data faster and further than copper structured cabling. Fibre optic installation cable is supplied on drums with typical production reel sizes being [...]

High-Density Fibre Patching – Future-Proof Your Fibre Connectivity

By |2021-07-30T09:37:47+01:00July 29th, 2021|Cabling Infrastructure, Company Updates, Product Updates|

High-Density Fibre Patching Grows with Your Fibre Connectivity High-Density fibre patching first became possible thanks in part to the introduction of the LC connector. Its small form factor enabled fibre patch panels to be developed with more fibre ports than previously possible. With greater demand being placed on network infrastructure and IT real estate, the [...]

Fibre connectivity made easier with HUBER+SUHNER LC-XD Connectors

By |2021-07-16T17:00:42+01:00July 16th, 2021|Cabling Infrastructure, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure|

Evolution of the LC Connector for Fibre Connectivity Fibre connectivity has evolved several times from its inception but one of the most widely used connectors within the Data Centre and telecoms markets has been the LC connector. Developed in the late 1990s early 2000s by Lucent Technologies the LC or Little Connector was produced as [...]

AisleLok Aisle Containment Improves Row Airflow Management in Minutes

By |2021-06-25T17:20:55+01:00June 25th, 2021|Airflow & Cooling, Company Updates|

AisleLok Aisle Containment – The easy way to improve Row Airflow Management AisleLok Aisle Containment is a unique aisle containment system that can be self-installed straight out-of-the-box and start delivering improvements in Row airflow management and efficiency. We conclude Airflow Management Awareness Month and our recent series of blog articles by looking at the [...]

Improve Data Centre Rack Airflow to Help Optimise Cooling

By |2021-06-18T10:04:29+01:00June 18th, 2021|Airflow & Cooling, Company Updates|

Why improving Data Centre rack airflow is important Data Centre rack airflow management is the second step within the 4Rs of Airflow Management and is key to helping optimise cooling, improve energy efficiency and reducing costs. As June is Airflow Management Awareness Month, we are looking at the steps that can be taken at [...]

Improving Raised Floor Airflow Management Helps Optimise Data Centre Cooling

By |2021-06-11T11:29:41+01:00June 11th, 2021|Airflow & Cooling, Company Updates, Data Centre Infrastructure|

Vital steps to improve raised floor airflow management Improving raised floor airflow management can help optimise data centre cooling and have a big impact on energy consumption. Data Centre cooling systems typically consume the highest percentage of power required to run Data Centre infrastructure, add to this that in some computer rooms up to 60% [...]

Optimise Cooling by following Airflow Management best practices

By |2021-06-04T16:31:23+01:00June 4th, 2021|Airflow & Cooling|

Optimise cooling and improve energy efficiency By following the best practices for Airflow Management laid out in Upsite Technologies’ 4Rs of Airflow Management it is possible to optimise cooling systems and make them more energy efficient. This is vital for Data Centres if they want to meet the aims set out in the European Code [...]

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