In-Focus Data Centre Solutions

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EDP Europe's Data Centre Solutions In-Focus Program With the wide variety of data centre solutions and services offered by EDP Europe, we have introduced our In-Focus program. Every week on our social media feeds we put some of our data centre solutions In-Focus, in a simple image that highlights some key features of individual products [...]

UK Financial Institution Manages Off-site Rack Security with RackANGEL

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Major UK Financial Institution Utilises RackANGEL To Manage Their Off-site Rack Security When a major UK Financial Institution took up co-location space with an international multi-tenant data centre and managed services company they wanted to be certain that their off-site rack security was being fully managed and the risk of physical breaches was adequately mitigated. [...]

EDP Europe launches High Density Device Dock HD³ Charging Cabinet

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EDP Europe is pleased to announce the launch of our new High Density Device Dock HD³ Charging Cabinet designed for the secure central management and charging of multiple handheld devices. With the increasing use of portable mobile devices to capture data, particularly within the logistics and distribution sectors, ensuring an efficient management process is in [...]

Major Identity Services Company Implements TZ Rack Security Solution

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TZ rack security solution helps major identity services company secure their racks Recently a major identity services company implemented EDP’s RackANGEL rack security solution to control access to its IT racks in a multi-tenant data centre. The company concerned are a major player in providing cloud-based, scalable PKI solutions to companies requiring safe commerce, communications, [...]

Major financial institution adopts RackANGEL rack security solution

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With tightening regulatory and compliance requirements affecting information security, the need for better physical security to protect IT assets stored in data centre 19” racks has never been more important. These were just part of the challenges being faced by a major financial institution looking to improve the security of their server racks housed within [...]

Protect IT Cabinets Through IP-based Intelligent Security

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How the latest IP-based intelligent security systems protect IT cabinets With the ever increasing demand on data security and protection we explore how utilising the latest IP-based intelligent security systems protect IT cabinets and why they are a necessary requirement in today’s IT environments. With regional, national, and enterprise level compliance mandates driving greater levels [...]

EDP Europe Launches RackANGEL Microsite

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RackANGEL – EDP Europe’s Ultimate Security Solution For IT Cabinets EDP Europe is pleased to announce the launch of our RackANGEL microsite – The new RackANGEL microsite helps visitors learn more about the core components of the RackANGEL solution, and the benefits it provides to the security of IT systems and assets. In a [...]

RackANGEL – The ultimate in 19in rack protection

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RackANGEL from EDP Europe provides the ultimate in 19” rack protection With ever tightening regulatory controls & compliance requirements, attention on information security and the physical security of IT systems and assets has never been higher. Protecting IT systems and data within 19” racks is a primary concern to IT, IS, & Facilities Managers. With [...]

Why Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Improves IT Rack Access Security

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In today’s hi-tech world, ensuring data security is of utmost importance. Whilst firewalls and anti-virus software protect from online threats, what protects your physical IT assets stored in the rack itself?

Despite many facilities now incorporating building management systems with swipe card readers to track who is accessing particular rooms, many server racks remain unlocked or fitted with standard key locks, leaving them at risk to anyone with access to that room.