Cold Aisle Containment

EDP Data Centre Solutions design, manufacture, and installs bespoke Cold Aisle Containment systems.

Bespoke Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) Systems

Cold Aisle Containment is a type of aisle containment system used to improve airflow management in Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments.

It involves sealing the cold aisle with end-of-aisle doors and installing a roof over the aisle. The result contains the cold air supplied from the CRAC units within the aisle and prevents it from mixing with hot exhaust air; a primary objective for improving airflow management that helps enable the optimisation of the cooling system.

EDP Data Centre Solutions designs, manufactures, and installs bespoke Cold Aisle Containment systems, each specifically designed to accommodate the demands of the data hall where it is installed. The bespoke nature of our Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) enables the design to consider obstacles such as building column supports or uneven rack heights and deliver a CAC system that helps improve airflow management and improve cooling optimisation.

All EDP DCS aisle containment systems utilise our advanced aisle containment doors which provide greater stability, a synchronised sliding action and full 1200mm aisle opening.

Cold Aisle Containment can be used in new build or retrofit scenarios.

CAC Features

  • Bespoke design enables obstacles to be considered and resolved.

  • Aisles can be designed to accommodate future rack deployments.

  • Advanced door system with greater stability and full aisle opening for improved access.

  • FM Approved roof panels that drop away in the event of a fire allowing fire suppression systems to access the aisle.

  • Can be utilised in new build projects or retrofitted within legacy environments.

CAC Benefits

  • Cold Aisle Containment is generally easier to implement, with less modifications required to fire suppression systems or the need to install additional ducting.

  • As CAC is easier to implement it makes it ideal for retrofitting in legacy environments.

  • Primarily used in raised floor environments, however can be used in slab environments where in-row coolers are used.