This Christmas, countdown to the big day with EDP Europe… See our products as never seen before presented by our Elf service team.

The EDP Europe Advent Calendar

As the lads from Monty Python said “Always look on the bright side of life”, so with everything going on in the world today let EDP Europe brighten your day between the 3rd and 21st December with our fun advent calendar. Every working day between these dates (we’ve given our Elves the weekends off) there will be a surprise image behind each door showing our Elves hard at work with our products getting them ready for Santa to deliver them to your data centres or enterprise IT spaces. Click the open doors to see the full sized images.

Check back each day for the latest development, or alternatively follow us on our social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Day 3 - #LovelyHubberly
EDP Advent Calendar - Day 10