Deploying compute, services and storage at or near where the data is required reduces choke points, latency and data costs. EDP Europe can assist in delivering Micro Data Centre solutions to deploy Edge or localised computing requirements.

Micro Data Centres

What is a Micro Data Centre?

A Micro Data Centre is a way of deploying the benefits of localised Edge Computing in areas where the facility does not have internal space for a dedicated Data Centre or Computer Room.

Micro Data Centres, also refer to as MDC, come in various formats and sizes.

They can range from being a specially-designed IT rack to a prefabricated Data Centre deploying anything from 5 to 100+ racks. Each MDC provides the power and cooling requirements that the housed IT equipment needs. MDCs provide the functions of a Data Centre and make it easy to deploy services, compute and store data closer to the end-point.

What is Edge Computing?
  • Edge Computing is a form of localised computing that moves the points where data is processed and stored closer together.
  • Removes the reliance on centralised Cloud locations.
  • Moving these points closer together reduces latency, increases processing power and improves performance and bandwidth.

Micro Data Centre Solutions

MDC EDGE Cabinets

EDGE Cabinets provide a Micro Data Centre in a rack, and provide the ideal Edge Computing solution for offices, warehouses and factories.

Where localised computing is required in such areas the use of standard IT racks can expose employees to noise and heat from the IT equipment, or the IT equipment itself not being correctly cooled and exposed to environmental contaminants such as dust.

EDGE MDC cabinets have been designed to meet the demands for localised computing in such areas, and being a rack they can easily be relocated as needs change.  The range comprises of air-cooled, air-conditioned or water-cooled models.

On-Premise Modular Data Centres
Sonic Edge EdgePod Micro Data Centre
Sonic Edge EdgePod

Sonic Edge EdgePod has been specifically designed to deliver Edge Computing at on-premise locations. The solution supports as standard, up to 100kW of critical load and can be deployed in the harshest of environments.

Sonic Edge SuperMax MDC
Sonic Edge SuperMax

The Sonic Edge SuperMax is a Tier-3 level prefabricated Data Centre that can go from design to fully commissioned usually within 6 months, far quicker than traditional methods.

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