Upsite Technologies Announces KoldLok 6” Round Grommet

EDP Europe is pleased to report the addition of a 6” Round KoldLok to the range of KoldLok raised floor grommets.  The KoldLok 6” Round is similar in design and technology to the KoldLok 4” Round but boasts a 22.55 square inch usable cable area that will accommodate large cable bundles and commando style PDU plugs commonly found in the data centre environment.

The KoldLok 6” Round raised floor grommet uses a Hybrid Brush Technology (HBT) design that combines KoldLok brush technology with a thermoplastic elastomer for superior sealing quality and exceptional airflow management. The split design is also a great feature allowing product installation and removal without disturbing cables.

Lars Strong, Senior Engineer at Upsite Technologies, said “We received feedback from the data centre market about needing a solution for sealing around large cable bundles and we responded with the KoldLok 6” Round grommet.”  He went on “The product is quick to install and is a very effective tool for managing critical airflow areas.”

KoldLok raised floor grommets are a proven and effective solution for sealing cable openings in the raised floor, and help reduce bypass airflow and improve energy efficiency.

Download the KoldLok Round Data Sheet Here