The Packet Power wireless power and environmental monitoring solution, which utilises a self-forming mesh network, has recently been enhanced with the introduction of a new Ethernet Gateway, along with Hubs that enable the connection of third party monitoring devices.

The Ethernet Gateway provides the central connecting point for the Packet Power system. As power and environmental monitoring nodes are added to the mesh network, they transmit data via neighbouring nodes back to the Ethernet Gateway. The Ethernet Gateway then makes the captured information available to Packet Power’s EMX Portal application or to other third party DCIM or BMS programs.

The new Ethernet Gateway, now in its fourth generation, uses a purpose built wireless protocol to maximise security. Like previous versions the Ethernet Gateway, it is available to support Modbus or SNMP protocols, with each gateway connecting up to 150 Packet Power environmental or power monitoring nodes. However, for smaller installations there is now a limited version which supports up to 30 devices. Multiple gateways can be added to increase network capacity and provide redundancy, with automatic load balancing taking care of the additional gateways and the devices they manage. A ‘Master’ capability simplifies multi-gateway installations by making all data accessible from one Ethernet Gateway. Other new features include:

  • New lower-profile bracket that supports standalone mounting or mounting via DIN rail clip, cable ties or adhesive pad.
  • Sophisticated utility for creating circuit maps for clients using the Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitoring system.
  • A ‘Monitor’ mode that allows data to be shared selectively across two completely isolated Ethernet networks.
  • A slightly larger form factor than Ethernet Gateway version 3 at 76mm x 94mm x 31mm.
  • Ethernet Gateway version 4 can be used in combination with version 2 or 3 gateways.

Also available now are Packet Power Hubs which provide a means of incorporating data from third party monitoring devices and placing the data on Packet Power’s EMX Portal. This enables companies that use EMX to gain insight into energy usage from virtually any device that can support standard SNMP or Modbus protocols. Once the Hubs are installed they securely gather data from the specific monitoring units provided they are both on the same network.

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