EziBlank Blanking Panel Solutions

EziBlank® Blanking Panels are 6U blanking panel sheets that are scored at 1U intervals and are a part of a series of airflow management solutions from IDC Solutions, that are distributed in Europe by EDP Europe.

As well as the EziBlank® 6U blanking panels for 19″ cabinets, EziBlank blanking panels are also available as 23″ blanking panels and 21″ blanking panels for use in ETSI racks. Using blanking panels to seal unused rack space helps improve airflow management efficiency by preventing hot server exhaust air from circulating back to the front of the rack where it can cause hot spots and affect the temperature of the cold air cooling the servers and other pieces of IT equipment. Other solutions available include: EziBrush 19″ brush strip blanking panel that provides a way of blanking areas where cables pass from the front to back of a rack, and EziBlank® Wall a rack replacement panel that fills in the gap left when a rack is removed from an aisle.

EziBlank Airflow Management Products for Data Centres


Guide to Airflow Management for Data Centres

  • EziBlank® 19 inch Blanking Panels

    A Cost Effective 19 inch Blanking Panel Solution
    EziBlank® 19 inch blanking panels are supplied in 6U sheets and provide a cost effective blanking solution that can improve your PUE by preventing unwanted air recirculation within the 19” rack. EziBlank® 6U 19" blanking panel sheets can be snapped at 1U intervals allowing them to blank out the required amount of unused rack space.
  • EziBlank 23” Blanking Panels

    EziBlank 23” blanking panels are manufactured from a flame-retardant ABS plastic and designed to quickly and easily blank out unused rack space in 23” rack cabinets.
  • EziBlank Universal 21” Blanking Panels

    EziBlank Universal 21” blanking panels have been specifically designed to blank out unused rack space in ETSI racks. Manufactured from high quality flame retardant (UL94 V0) ABS plastic, the panels are quick and easy to install thanks to the specially designed twist latches.
  • EziBrush 19” Rack Blanking Panel

    Blanking Panel with Cable Management Brush Strip
    The use of blanking panels to blank unused rack space in 19” racks plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the cooling system. EZIBRUSH brush strip blanking panels provide a blanking solution for rack gaps where cables need to pass from the back of the rack to the front.
  • EziBlank Wall (EZIWALL)

    Rack Replacement Panels Prevent Hot Air Recirculation
    EziBlank® Wall (EZIWALL) rack replacement panels provide a cost effective solution to preventing hot air recirculation when racks are moved from an aisle containment system or rack row. EziBlank® Wall (EZIWALL) rack replacement panels offer a simple and low cost solution and are assembled within minutes, creating a rack sized airflow barrier that can be positioned anywhere and re-used again and again.
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