HotLok 19 Inch Rack Blanking Panels

1U & 2U HotLok 19 Inch Rack Blanking Panels

HotLok 19 Inch Rack Blanking Panels, from Upsite Technologies, are 1U or 2U in size and are designed to seal unused spaces within 19″ racks.

Sealing unused rack space with 19 inch blanking panels plays an important part of an effective airflow management policy. By blanking out unused rack space with 19 inch rack blanking panels it prevents hot server exhaust air from circulating back to the front of the rack where it can cause hot spots and interfere with the cold air cooling the IT equipment. HotLok rack blanking panels have finger grips for easy installation and removal and their cantilevered vanes seal against installed equipment or other HotLok blanking panels. They are also available with a built in temperature strip which provides a visual guidance on the temperature at the rack, this temperature strip is also available separately. Other products within the HotLok range includes the HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit that seals the gaps between the rack sides and rails, and the top and bottom to the frame, and the HotLok Round rack grommet for sealing cable entries on racks. Also within the HotLok product line is SwitchFix, a range of products designed to help cool network switches.

Using 19 inch rack blanking panels follows the 4R’s of airflow management, which defines how managing airflow at raised floor, rack, row and room levels, will enable optimisation of cooling systems.

Upsite Technologies Airflow Management Products for Data Centres


Guide to Airflow Management for Data Centres

  • HotLok Blanking Panels

    Also Available In White
    HotLok white blanking panels are designed to not only seal unused rack space, but there light colour helps reflect light into the aisle.
  • HotLok® Round Rack Grommet

    Rack Mount Grommet Seals Server Rack Cable Openings
    Part No.: 46-40002 The HotLok® Round 4" Rack Mount Grommet has been engineered to seal cable openings in server racks so blocking bypass airflow and maximising cooling system performance.
  • HotLok Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit

    Reduces Bypass Airflow & Recirculation in Rack Enclosures
    The HotLok Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit is designed to seal the gaps between the rail and side of rack enclosures, helping to reduce bypass airflow and recirculation in your rack enclosures.
  • Light Grey 1U HotLok blanking panels

    HotLok blanking panels, a leading solution for sealing unused rack space in 19" racks are also available in RAL7035 light grey.
  • HotLok® Blanking Panels

    19" 1U / 2U and 23" 1U Blanking Panels
    HotLok® blanking panels are a snap-in blanking panel that provides a 99%+ effective seal in IT equipment cabinets. The state-of-the-art technology, designed for both 1U and 2U openings in 19" racks and 1U in 23" racks, controls airflow for optimised cooling effectiveness. The energy-efficient cantilevered sealing vanes eliminate the gap between adjoining HotLok® blanking panels or the installed equipment, providing a snug seal and no air leaks.


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