The HotLok® Rack Airflow Management Kit (RAM Kit) is designed to work in conjunction with blanking panels to improve airflow management within 19″ racks.

Blanking panels are used in 19″ racks to seal the spaces that are unused between mounted IT equipment. However, other gaps remain where hot exhaust air can circulate back to the front of the rack and mix with the cold air that cools the equipment. The HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit is designed to seal gaps between the rails and sides of a rack enclosure, or between the rack frame and the top and bottom of the rack. These areas are often overlooked and using the HotLok Rack Airflow Management Kit greatly reduces bypass airflow and hot air recirculation within the rack, so enabling the changes to be made that increase cooling energy efficiency.

Using blanking panels and rack airflow products follows the 4R’s of airflow management, which defines how managing airflow at raised floor, rack, row and room levels, will enable optimisation of cooling systems.

Upsite Technologies Airflow Management Products for Data Centres

HotLok Blanking Panels
HotLok RAM Kit
HotLok Rack Grommet
KoldLok Floor Grommets
AisleLok Under Rack Panels
AisleLok Modular Containment


Guide to Airflow Management for Data Centres

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