Geist Cooling Solutions

EDP Europe distribute Geist Cool cooling solutions that are designed to cool racks and network switches.

Geist Cool cooling solutions include their rack containment cooling solution Unity Cooling® an Active Air system that removes hot exhaust air in a controlled way and directs it into ducting back to air handling units. There other solution is SwitchAir® which is a network switch cooling solution. Due to the positioning of network switches in 19″ racks they often overheat due to breathing hot exhaust air. SwitchAir is a range of passive and active solutions that enables conditioned air from the front of racks to be passed through the unit to cool the network switch.

Rack & Network Switch Cooling Products for Data Centres & IT Rooms

SwitchAir Network Switch Cooling
SwitchAir Models
Geist Rack Containment Cooling
ColdLogik CAP System
ColdLogik DAX System
HotLok SwitchFix


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