EDP Custom 19 Inch Cabinets

EDP Europe’s custom 19 inch cabinets enables our clients to obtain the server or network cabinet that meets their exact requirements and specifications. Whilst available as ‘standard’ models, EDP Europe works with our technology and manufacturing companies to provide a Bespoke Solution Design Service that not only allows us to create unique 19″ cabinets but also bespoke metalwork to help solve your infrastructure issues.

With so many Network & Server Cabinets on the market having the option to have a bespoke solution custom designed to meet your requirements is something EDP Europe prides itself on. Our 19in Network & Server Cabinets are of a high quality construction and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The ‘standard’ models are fully featured but all can be customised and tailored to individual requirements.

EDP Europe’s premium 19″ Data Centre Server Cabinet is a highly specified server cabinet designed to meet the rigours of data centres or enterprise IT spaces. These 1200mm deep server cabinets are designed to house the biggest of data centre IT equipment. For coloaction data centres EDP Europe’s colocation server rack is an ideal solution for multi-tenant environments. A 42U or 47U rack with three compartments in a range of depths. While for restricted access areas EDP Europe’s Flat Pack Server Rack enables a 42U rack to be built in situ, in areas where it would normally be impossible to deliver a pre-built rack.

EDP Europe also offers solutions for managing high-density networks through our 42U High Density Patching Frame.

When it comes to installing 19″ Cabinets it often requires cable openings cut into solid raised floor tiles to access cables within the floor plenum; these openings should always be sealed with brush raised floor grommets. EDP Europe provides an alternative solution with our range of replacement brushed floor tiles that can simply replace the solid tile, saving time and installation cost.

EDP Europe Network & Server Cabinets for Data Centres & Enterprise IT Environments


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  • High Density Patching Frame

    42U Patching frame for high density installations
    EDP Europe’s High-Density Patching Frame has been specifically designed for the demands faced in high density network installations.
  • Colocation Server Cabinet

    Flexible 3-door colocation cabinets
    EDP Europe’s Colocation Server Cabinet is a range of flexible 3-door 600mm wide colocation cabinets. Available in a range of depths with individual compartment size varying depending on the height of the rack.
  • Flat Pack Server Rack

    Fully specified server rack delivered flat packed
    EDP Europe’s flat pack server rack is a fully specified 42U x 800mm x 1000mm server rack that is delivered flat packed for assembly on-site. Being flat packed aids delivery to areas where it may be impossible to deliver a fully built server rack.
  • EDP Computer Rack

    Cost-effective range of Hi-Spec computer racks
    EDP Europe’s computer rack delivers a highly-specified computer rack that is a cost-effective solution for housing IT & Network equipment. Available in a full range of RU heights, including bespoke solutions, the EDP computer rack measures 780mm wide x 1,000mm deep.
  • EDP 42U Server Cabinet

    A 42U 600 x 1000mm server rack
    The EDP 42U Server Cabinet is a high quality 42U server rack that is ideal for use in Data Centres or Enterprise IT environments. Its rigid welded frame makes this cabinet very strong and able to cope with the high weight loads found within the data centre arena. Like other racks in the EDP Network & Server Cabinets range the ability to customise the specifications and tailor it to meet your requirements exists.
  • Data Centre Server Cabinet

    EDP Europe’s premium server cabinet
    The Data Centre Server Cabinet is EDP Europe’s premium data centre server cabinet designed for Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments. As with all racks in the EDP Network & Server Cabinet range there is a great level of flexibility in specification with bespoke sizes available. As standard the Data Centre Server Cabinet is available in two heights and two widths with all standard versions 1200mm deep.


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