USystems 19" Server Cabinets

USystems 19″ Server Cabinets have an innovative design and high quality build.

The USpace™ 19″ cabinet range comprises of server racks, network cabinets, co-location cabinets and wall boxes, while the UCoustic™ range of 19″ soundproof cabinets are renowned for their noise reduction capabilities. The ColdLogik™ water cooled rack solution that is a highly cost effective solution to data centre heat problems, where traditional cooling methods cannot be implemented. Also within the ColdLogik™ solution is a chimney rack solution that provides a passive or active controlled air path for their 4210 server racks and removes hot exhaust air from the server rack directly back to the ceiling plenum.

19″ Racks and Infrastructure Products for Data Centres


Guide to Server Racks and Data Cabinets for Data Centres

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  • USystems 4210 Server / Network Racks Range

    The USpace 4210 from USystems is their latest premium rack enclosure range.  The 4210 offers a smart design that makes the rack suitable for use as a server rack or as a network rack.
  • USystems 7210

    Midi 19in Cabinet Range
    The USystems 7210 19in cabinets are a range of midi 19in cabinets for servers or data comms equipment. The 7210 19in cabinets are 12u or 18u high and 600mm wide.
  • USpace™ 19" Wall Boxes

    Wall Mount Server Racks
    USpace 19" Wall Boxes, from USystems, are wall mount server racks that are available in either single or dual section. Dual section are deeper and pivot to allow easier access to the rear of the stored devices. The 600mm deep wall boxes have removable lockable side panels to allow access to the rear of the devices. USystems offer two ranges of wall mount server racks:
  • USpace™ 19" Co-location Server Rack

    The USpace™ 19" Co-location Server Rack, from USystems, allows servers to be co-located into the same rack. The server co-location rack allows for full separation for each client's equipment, with each compartment being totally independent and secure. Cabling is also individually ducted and sealed to each compartment.
  • UCoustic Edge 9210i

    Soundproof Server Cabinet
    The UCoustic Edge 9210i Soundproof Server Cabinet is the latest development of the UCoustic soundproof server cabinet range, giving greater noise reduction, improved flexibility on heat load removal and M2M intelligence connection and control. The UCoustic Edge 9210i provides a rapid deployment Micro Data Centre that takes up less than a square metre footprint. Available in Passive and Active versions in three heights 12U, 24U and 42U.Scroll down to read more…
  • ColdLogik™ Water Cooled Server Rack

    ColdLogik™ is a water cooled server rack designed to provide high density cooling without affecting the climate within the data centre. The ColdLogik™ range of High Density Cooling Solutions includes the ColdLogik™ CL20 Water Cooled Server Rack, which is designed to work in harmony with the incumbent air conditioning system rather than creating a separate environment within the data centre.
  • ColdLogik DAX

    Directional Airflow eXhaust System
    The ColdLogik DAX system (Directional Airflow eXhaust) is an effective heat removal IT rack that is designed to remove hot exhaust air from the rear of the IT rack and redistribute it to other areas in an energy efficient and controlled way.
  • USystems ColdLogik CAP System

    Chimney Rack Containment for USystems 4210 Racks
    The USystems ColdLogik CAP system is a chimney rack containment solution that provides a passive or active controlled air path for their 4210 server racks.
  • USpace™ 19 Inch Server Rack Accessories

    There is a whole range of server rack accessories for the USpace™ 19 Inch Server Cabinet range. The accessories include: various types of shelves, cable management, fan trays, castors, blanking panels, plinths, baying kits and PDUs.