Hubbell CAT6A Solutions are stocked and distributed by EDP Europe.

Hubbell CAT6A Solutions provide a tuned system of structured cabling components designed and balanced to deliver bandwidth beyond 625MHz. Like Hubbell’s CAT6 Solutions and CAT6A Shielded Solutions CAT6A components are continuously third-party verified to exceed all TIA and ISO component performance requirements. The balanced system design allows the NEXTSPEED® Ascent CAT6A Solution to be utilised in links under 10 metres, which is a perfect solution for use in Data Centres and provides a fully compliant CAT6A solution that supports 10GBASE-T transmission from 2 to 100 metres.

NEXTSPEED® Ascent 10GbE installation cable features innovative ANEXT reduction techniques and provides high power 4PPoE support for 802.3bt compliant devices. Hubbell CAT6A Ascent Patch Cords support 10GBASE-T Ethernet with zero-bit error transmissions. The slim boot and easy depression latch provides a snagless, side-by-side design even in high density applications. The NEXTSPEED® CAT6A Ascent Jacks are one of the highest performing and most compact CAT6A jacks available. They also provide superior ANEXT suppression. NEXTSPEED® Ascent CAT6A patch panels also utilise the same patented zero-crosstalk contact structure as Hubbell’s Ascent jacks and are available in 24, 48 and 96 port versions, with unloaded jack patch panels also available.

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