Hubbell Networking Accessories include various types of jacks, patch panels, faceplates and network installation tools.

Hubbell jacks are available for CAT6, CAT6A and Shielded CAT6A applications and can be utilised in unloaded patch panels and faceplate modules. Faceplate frames are available for single or double gang boxes with the choice of flat or angled shuttered modules, whilst unloaded patch panels are available with 24 or 48 ports, and in some cases 72 ports. Hubbell HJ and XJ jacks can also utilise Hubbell’s 1-Punch jack termination tool that enables all four pairs to be punched down and cut off all in one punch saving time terminating the jack when compared to traditional single wire punch down tools.

Hubbell Network Products for Data Centres & IT Rooms

Hubbell CAT6 Solutions
Hubbell CAT6A Solutions
Hubbell CAT6A Shielded Solutions
Hubbell Grounding & Bonding Solutions
Hubbell Network Cable Management
Hubbell PROclick Fibre Connectors


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