Network Installation Cable

EDP Europe distributes Hubbell Premise Wiring network installation cable.

Hubbell are leading the way in terms of meeting the new CPR regulations that govern fire resistance for cables in permanent installations within buildings with their Cat6 U/UTP, Cat6A F/FTP and Cat7 S/FTP all achieving Euroclass classifications.

Copper Structured Cabling Products for Data Centres


Guide to Copper Structured Cabling

  • CPR Compliant Cat6 U/UTP Cable

    Hubbell Cat6 U/UTP cable is compliant with the new CPR regulations governing the fire resistance of cables that are to be used in permanent installations as laid out in ISO/IEC 11801 (2nd Edition) standards.
  • CPR compliant Cat6A F/FTP Cable

    Hubbell Cat6A F/FTP is a CPR compliant shielded Cat6A network installation cable that complies to Euroclass specification laid out in ISO/IEC 11801 standards. It also offers high-performance and is suitable for 10Gb Ethernet applications.


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