Fibre Containment Raceway

EDP Europe distribute the Huber+Suhner LiSA fibre optic containment raceway.

The Huber+Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway is designed to perfectly route and protect fibre optic network cables. The LiSA fibre raceway is easy to install and provides great flexibility with a full range of components. Its enclosed design provides greater protection to fibre cables than open wire basket trays. Its bright yellow colour makes it highly visible, making for clearer routing of trunking to ODFs and 19″ Racks, with a wide range of components that make sure that bend radius is observed.

Huber+Suhner offer a full range of fibre optic solutions including ODFs, fibre optic trays, cables, and management panels including the advanced IANOS managment system.

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  • Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Containment Raceway

    The Huber + Suhner LiSA fibre containment raceway is a fibre optic containment system that is designed to perfectly route, isolate and protect fibre optic network cables.  The system is designed to duct fibre optic cables from the building entry to fibre distribution frames or between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic cabinets.
  • Huber + Suhner LiSA Raceway Components

    Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Ducting / Fibre Raceway Components
    The LiSA Fibre Raceway is a fibre ducting system that guarantees a secure and stressfree fibre management channel.  The fibre ducting system has been specifically designed to route fibre optic cables between different fibre optic distribution points.  Unlike conventional cable basket and ladder solutions, the Huber + Suhner LiSA Raceway system provides lateral support along the complete fibre length.