HUBER+SUHNER Optipack MTP-LC Fibre Transition Harness

MTP-LC Transition harness to connect MTP to LC-Duplex

HUBER+SUHNER MTP-LC fibre transition harness is part of the Optipack pre-terminated fibre cable product range. The MTP-LC fibre transition harness provides a transition from MTP connectivity used in the backbone of the fibre network to LC Duplex connectivity used on switches, servers and other pieces of IT equipment.

The MTP-LC fibre transition harness provides a fast and compact alternative to LC patch panels and cords by plugging directly into equipment transceivers.

The most common use for a transition harness is for the final connection to transceivers in particularly with high-density SAN switches. Like the LC-LC fibre optic harness the fan-outs are available in in choice of varieties including single staggered fibres, pair staggered, leg one shortest or longest or all equal.

HUBER+SUHNER Pre-terminated Fibre Cables


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