AFL Fibre Testing and Inspection Equipment

AFL Fibre testing and inspection equipment enables the detailed testing and examination of fibre optic networks to ensure maximum performance. Along with testing performance they can be used to identify problems and are an essential part of installing and maintaining a fibre optic network.

AFL is a subsidiary of Fujikura, a market leading manufacturer of fibre splicing & cleaving products, and produces a variety of products for enhancing the performance of a fibre network, from products used to clean fibre networks to sophisticated fibre network testing equipment.

AFL One-Click cleaners provide a quick and easy way to clean fibre network connections while testing products ensure the network is operating at maximum performance and if not help identify where problems occur.

The aeRos ROGUE test suite provides great flexibility thanks to its modular design. Base units combine with different testing modules to make the unit either an OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set) or an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).

The ROGUE is just one of many fibre optic testers with other OTDRs available along with simple light source and power meter kits, connector inspection systems and Visual Fault Identifiers (VFI).

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