OWL Fibre Optic Network Testers

OWL fibre optic network testers are specifically designed to test Single Mode or Multi Mode fibre optic networks.

The OWL range of fibre optic network testers includes the OWL precision coupled Visual Fault Locator (VFL) that can be used to locate breaks and micro-bends in fibre optic cables.

EDP Europe offers two of OWL’s most popular fibre optic network testers, the WaveTester kit and the FiberOWL 4 Bolt Quad. The WaveTester consists of an optical power meter unit that is Single Mode and Multi Mode ready and the WaveSource unit which is a combined Single Mode / Multi Mode light source. The WaveTester provides an economical way to test fibre optic networks. The FiberOWL 4 Bolt Quad fibre optic cable tester also uses the WaveSource light source but is supplied with the FiberOWL 4 Bolt optical power meter that features a user-friendly Fibre Link wizard that performs link budget calculations including link length testing.

The PC based OWL Reporter software enables stored data to be downloaded and reports generated.

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