Softing (Psiber) Network Cable Testers

The network cable testers available from Softing (formally Psiber) are designed to test and certify a wide variety of copper and fibre network installations.

At the top end of the range of network cable testers is the WireXpert 4500 cable certifier, a unit capable of certifying high performance networks to Class FA and CAT8 copper cabling standards. Through the use of test adaptor kits the WireXpert 4500 can test a variety of copper and fibre networks, including Single Mode, Multi Mode, MPO / MTP® and Class FA. The FiberXpert OTDR 5000 fibre tester is specifically designed for testing fibre optic networks. The OTDR 5000 is capable of measuring, documenting and trouble shooting fibre optic networks, providing very high resolution with one of the shortest dead zones available for testing Single Mode and Multi Mode cables.

As well as testing copper data networks the CableMaster 400/450 series can also be utilised as a telephone cable tester thanks to its built-in tone generator, while the CableMaster 800/850 series is ideal for testing coax cable.

PC based software enables the generation of reports that can be used for certification purposes.

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