Softing (Psiber) Network Cable Testers

The network cable testers available from Softing (formally Psiber) are designed to test and certify a wide variety of copper and fibre network installations.

At the top end of the range of network cable testers is the WireXpert 4500 cable certifier, a unit capable of certifying high performance networks to Class FA and CAT8 copper cabling standards. Through the use of test adaptor kits the WireXpert 4500 can test a variety of copper and fibre networks, including Single Mode, Multi Mode, MPO / MTP® and Class FA. The FiberXpert OTDR 5000 fibre tester is specifically designed for testing fibre optic networks. The OTDR 5000 is capable of measuring, documenting and trouble shooting fibre optic networks, providing very high resolution with one of the shortest dead zones available for testing Single Mode and Multi Mode cables.

As well as testing copper data networks the CableMaster 400/450 series can also be utilised as a telephone cable tester thanks to its built-in tone generator, while the CableMaster 800/850 series is ideal for testing coax cable.

PC based software enables the generation of reports that can be used for certification purposes.

Network Cable Testing Products for Data Centres


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  • FiberXpert OTDR 5000 Fibre Tester

    OTDR Testing with the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 Fibre Tester
    OTDR Testing has been made simple with the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 fibre tester, as it has been designed with network installers and operators of enterprise networks in mind. The FiberXpert OTDR 5000 measures, documents and troubleshoots fibre optic networks and offers very high resolution enabling one of the shortest dead zones available for testing Multi Mode and Single Mode fibres.
  • WireXpert 4500 Network Cable Certifier

    The WireXpert 4500 network cable certifier provides cable certification testing up to Class FA and CAT8 copper cabling, as well as MPO/MTP, SM, MM and MMEF fibre optic cabling, Coax and M12 industrial Ethernet cable. With the WireXpert 4500 cable installers can make significant gains in productivity with the WireXpert’s industry leading test speeds and ease of use. This WireXpert network cable certfier is ready for 40G and beyond.
  • WireXpert 500 CAT6A Cable Tester

    Easy to use CAT6A EA Cable Tester
    The WireXpert 500 is an easy to use, affordable CAT6A EA cable tester used for the certification of copper cables up to CAT6A / Class EA. Electricians and network contractors can perform certification testing on copper installations with speed and accuracy.
  • Single Mode Test Adapter Kit

    Single Mode Test Adapter Kit for fast and intuitive fibre certification
    The WireXpert Single Mode test adapter kit enables standards based Single Mode testing to be performed at 1310nm and 1550nm. The fibre adapters have SC type connectors on both transmit and receive ports. Accurate testing of LC links is possible with the use of an optional LC test kit.
  • WireXpert EF Multi Mode test adapter kit

    New Generation EF Multi Mode Test Adapter Kit From WireXpert
    The WireXpert EF Multi Mode test adapter kit consists of a light source and power meter that are used to measure the power loss and length of cables at 850nm and 1300nm.
  • WireXpert MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit

    MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit for WireXpert 4500 Network Cable Certifier
    The MPO / MTP test adapter kit from WireXpert enables testing of MPO / MTP cabling on the WireXpert 4500 network cable certifier. This MPO / MTP test solution enables data centre managers, technicians and installers to quickly and accurately assess the quality of MPO / MTP cabling.
  • WireXpert Class FA Test Adapter Kit

    Class FA Test Adapter Kit for WireXpert 4500
    The WireXpert Class FA Test Adapter Kit enables the WireXpert 4500 network cable certifier to test and certificate Class FA cabling to meet the proposed level V accuracy specifications.
  • Coax Cable Tester Adapter

    Coax Cable Tester Adapter from WireXpert
    The coax cable tester adapter from WireXpert provides a solution to test coax cabling providing a wide RF measurement frequency range of 1 – 2,400MHz.
  • WireXpert M12 Cable Tester Adapter Kits

    WireXpert M12 cable tester adapter kits are available for the WireXpert 4500 and WireXpert 500 cable testers and enable the testing of Industrial Ethernet Cable.
  • CableMaster 400 / 450

    CableMaster 400 / 450 the ideal telephone cable tester
    The CableMaster 400 / 450 is a flexible cable tester capable of testing RJ45, Coax and RJ11, making it an ideal telephone cable tester. With its built-in tone generator and large LCD that displays multiple fault situations indicating ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ where necessary it makes it suitable to be used by installers, telecommunication and network engineers.
  • CableMaster 800 / 850

    Professional Coax Cable Tester – The CableMaster 800 / 850
    The CableMaster 800 / 850 is the ideal coax cable tester for professional installers and network operators who are challenged with testing and trouble-shooting coax cable and RJ45 network cable installations.


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