Data Centre Environmental Monitoring

Data Centre Environmental Monitoring plays and important role in the operation of the data centre or enterprise IT environment.

The most important environmental conditions to monitor in the data centre or IT room is the temperature and humidity.  Knowing the temperature in various locations with the room will help indicate how efficiently the server room is being cooled, as well as identifying any problematic areas that need addressing. Humidity in the data centre should ideally be around 45%-55% any higher than this and there is a risk of condensation that can lead to the  corrosion of hardware. Other environmental conditions that can be monitored include dry contacts, water, airflow, air particles, smoke etc. depending on the model of monitor used.

EDP Europe offers various data centre environmental monitoring solutions including iSensor, solutions from Geist and Jacarta.

Environmental Monitoring Products for Data Centres


Guide to Monitoring Solutions in Data Centres


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