ADS Cabinet security and environmental monitoring systems comprises of the iAccess Controller and the iSensor Controller.

iAccess is a dual-powered, stand-alone cabinet security and access control system that can controls access to IT computer cabinets and can supply SNMP traps and audit trails to remote management platforms such as NMS, BMS and DCIM systems.

iSensor is an environmental monitoring system that can be accessed via web browser or remote management platform using SNMP. It enables up to 24 included temperature/humidity sensors to be placed around the data centre or IT room. Thresholds can be set and alerts triggered when they are breached.

Both solutions can be easily integrated into EDP Europe’s DCIM solution Sensorium DCIM to provide centralised management.

Environmental Monitoring Products for Data Centres

iSensor Environmental Monitoring Controller
Geist Watchdog 15
Geist Watchdog 100
Jacarta interSeptor Pro
Intelligent PDUs
Sensorium DCIM


Guide to Monitoring Solutions in Data Centres

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  • iSensor

    Data centre and server room environmental monitoring system
    iSensor is a dual powered 1RU rack-mountable device that delivers a data centre and server room environmental monitoring system, capable of monitoring up to 24 iSensorPlus Temperature & Humidity sensors. Via optional environmental sensors the iSensor environmental monitoring system can also monitor dust particles and volt free contacts. Access can be through web browser via the internal webserver or integrated into a remote management platform (NMS, BMS, DCIM etc.) using SNMP.
  • iAccess Rack Security

    Computer Cabinet Security and Door Access Control System
    iAccess is a computer cabinet security device that provides a stand alone cabinet door access control system. It’s 1RU dual powered, rack-mountable design utilises smart card access control technology and is ideal for use in data centres and remote IT rooms, thanks to its internal webserver that can be access via standard web browser. Alternatively, it can be integrated into any data centre remote management platform (NMS, BMS, DCIM etc.) that uses SNMP to provide a centralised access control system, which also offers a full SNMP Audit Trail.

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